Change is a part of life. Sometimes opportunities arise when you least expect them. This is the situation I find myself in now. I have been offered a job with the State of California that will enable me to have input into the State’s dental program. Unfortunately, it is a full time administrative position and this means I will no longer be able to see patients. Sadly, I will be closing my office. My last day as a dentist seeing patients, will be May 29th.

As Sophia and I move on, Dr Fujii's practice will still occupy the office space. Thea has been at the front desk for us both these past few years, and though I will close my office, Thea will continue to work for Dr. Fujii. They are helped by Debby, who many of you know from the two years she worked as my dental assistant. Dr Fujii's office will be able to see patients on Tuesday and Friday and will do their best to accommodate you. The schedule may get very busy with the additional patients on the more limited days, but I am sure you all know how great Thea is at working the schedule.

I am honored to have been your dentist these past 15 years. I want to thank you for your confidence and faith in me. Some of you have been through some significant changes in your own lives. Over the years, many of your families have grown larger and your kids have grown up. It has been fantastic to be a part of it. Most of all, I have enjoyed the conversations we have had. I wish you well and thank you again.


Robert Fong